Book 3: Sorceress of Shadows

Sorceress of Shadows

The Wall of Loss separating the lands of light and darkness has fallen...

In an attempt to save her mentor, Circle Elite Shirina paid a devastating price. Infected by the darkest of powers, she is bound to a staff and cursed with limited magic.

Now on a quest to safeguard what remains of the Circle and fulfill its mission to protect Graydon, Shirina must find a way to fuse the clashing powers of light and darkness. With dwindling time and as her body succumbs to poisonous magic, the sorceress must first seek redemption and re-forge old alliances.

Cassara Edoline and Avarielle Grayloft are her only hope of success, but the princess distrusts her and the warrior wants her dead. As the final battle for their land erupts and the three struggle with their failing powers, they must again join forces to reunite their broken land or watch their world crumble under the shadows of death.

Excerpt of Sorceress of Shadows:


A thousand years ago, before the Wall of Loss was formed, the keep was built to foster the magic of the land, a land whose unified name was now lost.

In all, three keeps were built.

Larkhold in the West, Ravenhold in the East, and Stormhold to keep them together, unifying them in the perfect center, nested in a range of mountains.

Only a few years after their creation and the summoning of the first three Covenants, Graydon and Elihor, leaders of Ravenhold and Larkhold, failed each other and their magic by erecting the Wall of Loss.

No one in Circle history knew why, except that it involved the keeper of Stormhold, Siabala, who had been convicted of crimes against magic so terrible that the Elders of the time had banished him to a prison now known as Siabala’s Rage.

With the rising of the Wall came the greatest loss of all: Ravenhold was cut off from the other two Covenants.

For years, and then centuries, the Circle attempted to make contact with the land now known as Elihor. But neither air, sea, land, or the stars themselves could convey a message.

Until one day, a gifted Elder heard a simple message, telepathically passed through the weakening wall. It was more of an impression than words, but it was so strong that it had dictated Ravenhold’s mission ever since.

Maintain the Wall of Loss, at all cost.

The darkness conveyed in what would happen should they fail proved so frightening that the Elder succumbed to its nightmares soon after receiving the vision, and perished.

And ever since, Ravenhold had vowed to maintain the Wall of Loss, sending magic into it when necessary, sacrificing the blood of adepts to cast stronger spells and, when their numbers began to dwindle, instituting harvests to gather those strong enough to uphold the sacred duty.

As Shirina stood on the roof of the ancient keep, the Wall of Loss crumpled in the distance, the backlash of magic traveling into Graydon so strong she could see it gathering towards her as an angry tide, she wondered if all of their efforts had mattered at all.

Or if it had just lead them to a more spectacular ending.

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