Graydon: The Land of Light

Graydon is the Land of Light and founded by Graydon himself before he summoned the Wall of Loss. This land is ruled by multiple kingdoms and governments, the strongest amongst them being Rashim.

Key Locations


Minute kingdom founded 472 years ago on the Eastern-most point of Graydon and home of the princess Cassara. Edoline was a main voice in ending the Western Wars and is known for its grasp of astronomy.


Forested land reputed to hide thieves, murderers, wronged lovers and all sorts of unpleasant or tragic folk.


Small province of the kingdom of Rashim which is threatened by invasion from the Southern Coalition.

Lisal Gardens:

One of the primary Circle outposts and nearest teleportation site to Ravenhold.


Desert populated by warriors which was invaded by the East twenty years when rumors of horded jewels reached Rashim and the Southern Coalition. Home of Avarielle Grayloft, whose family is the ruling lineage of the West.


Hamlet nested in Maple Mountains, founded by families attempting to evade the Circle’s Harvest.


Home of Graydon’s Circle. Its adepts form the Covenant responsible for maintaining the Wall of Loss and preserving the history of the people of the Land of Light. Through its practice of Harvests, the Circle is treated with fear and suspicion by the people of Graydon.

Hunter Lake:

Large lake straddling the borders of Solir and Rashim. Most trade between the two powers is conducted by boat on its calm waters.


Second strongest country in Graydon, though its government is renowned for being corrupt. Became strong by staying out of Western Wars and taking advantage of ravaged lands.


Most powerful kingdom of Graydon and strongest ally of the Circle.


Capital of Rashim where resides the royal family.

Southern Coalition:

Powerhouse of allied landowners ruled by a Council composed of self-proclaimed royalty.