Elihor: The Land of Darkness

Shrouded in legend, Elihor, the Land of Darkness, lies beyond the Wall of Loss. No one has accessed it in over a thousand years, or so the story goes.

Key Locations


Keep of Elihor’s Circle which maintains the Wall of Loss’ balance in the Land of Darkness.


Small settlement renowned for creating sports champions and strong runners, often winning accolades in Elihor’s yearly games.


Central settlement and power of Elihor. Ruled by an elected leader who mostly oversees trading networks and negotiations.


Fishing settlement where Elihor is rumored to have been born and where her descendents still remain.


Settlements of woodsmen responsible for supplying wood to Larkhold and Polom.


Central Circle keep. Its existence was believed to be legend until recently. Located over Siabala’s Rage, its gray-robed Covenant lies within the Wall of Loss’ erratic energy and maintains the ancient wards over Siabala.

Wall of Loss:

Magical wall separating the lands of light and darkness. Different legends attribute its creation to Graydon and Elihor or to just one of them, usually out of spite or love for each other.

Siabala’s Rage:

The worst prison in all of Graydon, built long ago before the worlds were separated. Inaccessible to all but the most powerful sorceresses.