Cassara Edoline

Growing up in a small kingdom hardly instilled Cassara with a desire to leave. She has always loved her land and her people and would be happy to forever stay there, playing music for her people and keeping their spirits up during difficult times. But donned with a golden mane of legendary stature and a magic she does not realize she holds, Cassara’s life quickly changes and she is forced to rise to the challenge.

Secondary Characters:

Altessa Edoline:

Eldest child of King Alexavier of Edoline, wife of Anesh Bastian.

Anesh Bastian:

Husband to Princess Altessa Edoline, who fears conquest of his homeland by the Southern Coalition.

Jayden Edoline:

Youngest child of King Alexavier and heir to the throne of Edoline.


Captain of the royal guards of Edoline.


Secondary guard responsible for Cassara Edoline’s safety. Lazy and sarcastic


Last remaining guard of Edoline.


Lead guard responsible for Cassara Edoline’s safety.


Heir to the throne of Rashim.

Avarielle Grayloft

Descendant of a long line of warriors and leaders of the beaten western desert, Avarielle is forced to leave in search of answers when dark creatures invade her land. Wielding a sword of powerful magic, she draws the attention of Graydon’s powerful Covenant, the Circle, and she becomes both the hunter and the hunted.

Secondary Characters:


Warrior from the West


Young archer from the village of Rockor.


Leader of the village of Rockor. Also has a grandchild by that name.

Kryde Kolder:

Leader of Elihor’s resistance.

Pack Nacker:

Oldest friend of Kryde Kolder and second-in-command.


Elder of Larkhold Covenant.


Temporary leader of western forces.


Powerful and mysterious, Shirina is a Crimson Circle Elite, one of the highest ranks of the Circle. Harvested from her family at a very young age by the Circle, she now claims only the Covenant as her family, until the Circle’s loyalties are no longer evident.

Secondary Characters:


Elder in Ravenhold’s Covenant and Shirina’s mentor


Keeper of the Lisal Gardens


Elder of the Ravenhold Covenant